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Visits since July 8, 2011:

Here are the blades on the hub. (1Sept2012)

The rotor disk linkage. (1Sept2012)

My first composite rotor blades were foam and glass only and were a bit too flexable.
I decided to try a bass wood spar at the thickest part of the chord. (31Aug2012)

I decided to get ambitious with "RoboGyro" and go for a three bladed rotor.
The hub and links are machined from delrin. (31Aug2012)

My next project is to make a composite kite. I used pink builders foam, 1-1/2 oz fiberglass and epoxy resin.
Here is the completed airframe. The front spar and the mast are .290" OD fiberglass tubeing. (31Aug2012)

First Flight Sept. 6, 2011

Parts for No.3 as of September 1, 2011

The plans call for 2-3/4 wide wood, but 3" was what I bought and I decided not to cut it down.
I also increased the chord of the rotor blades from 1-3/4 to 2". We will see how it works.

Back in the 80's I built two autogyro kites. My design was based on a commercial kite manufactured before WWII. Information came from a publication called Kite Tails(Spring 1972).

A second article based on the Kite Tails piece appeared in the Piney Mountain Air Force Data Letter (September 1982).

From these two artciles I managed to build two, almost identical, flying autogyro kites.

My plan is to once more build one or two of these things.